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Who is lee newton dating

HOWEVER, we have got all of the juicy deets about everyone he has ever been dating/linked to/rubbed shoulders with in a romantic way, and we’ve even put it in chronological order to make it easy for you as you nurse your bank holiday hangovers. The pair were thought to be avoiding attention to keep their relationship under wraps.

And despite his lack of qualifications (being a man) he found himself Number #69 out of 100. There was another coup by the fans of an online “celebrity”, and it started with a You Tube Channel called Source Fed, which among its many hosts has an adorable and crazy hot geek named Lee Newton.

Well we reckon that’s exactly why God decided to present us with Adele’s male counterpart, the super-talented and beautifully sad singing soul we know as Sam Smith.

So, before you put on and look wistfully out of the window like you’re in a really sad music video, take a look at Sam Smith’s relationship history. In May 2014, Sam Smith was linked to Daisy Lowe after she appeared in his music video but he was quick to squash the rumours and set everyone straight about his sexuality.

I’ve only been in unrequited relationships where people haven’t loved me back.

I guess I’m a little bit attracted to that in a bad way.” Well, Sam Smith of 2014, all that is about to change in the next two years! There are rumours that he’s dating TWO people, because he’s living young and wild and free. The pair confirmed they were together around October 2014 (via Instagram, of course) and even went to spend New Years Eve together in Australia. However, two months later their relationship was apparently finito, with Sam confessing to audience members at a gig in Toronto, “This song is very special to me today, as I’ve actually had to do a very similar thing with someone I’ve been seeing,” before going on to sing his break-up song star, Charlie King, had apparently been spending time together at top-secret locations, including tiny unassuming pubs and Sam’s flat.

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