Updating nvidia bootcamp

Posted by / 13-Aug-2017 08:56

Playing ESo, when I first switched to using my mac (my PC motherboard died) I was pleasantly surprised how well it ran.

While the specs aren't entirely up to speed now it has still functioned fine except for the most high end demos.

In fact, the 2009 Mac Pro isn’t actually supported by Apple anymore at all.

So if using the machine itself isn’t supported, everything else is pretty much downhill from there. By this I mean either a Mac Pro built between 20 or a 2009 model that has been flashed to 5,1 already.

Just boot in OS X, mute your system sound and reboot again to the Arch Linux Installation media.

Please keep in mind that the volume of the startup sound can only be modified reliably in OS X.

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NVIDIA РCHIPSET РCOPROCESSOR_SMU64BIT DRIVERS-(NVIDIA FORCEWARE) These drivers do not contain the NVIDIA graphic chipset.  this driver can be installed and downloaded directly from NVIDIA.  The Late 2008 model Mac Book Pro shipped with the NVIDIA 9400M chipset,  the latest drivers on NVIDIA site is best.

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