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They found the data and links to its online location by intercepting traffic on a Windows 7 PC that was setup as a wireless access point for one of the mobile phones used in the test.It's not trivial to get the data, but attackers can do so by setting up malicious wireless access points or who use man-in-the-middle attacks to intercept network traffic.

This includes showing a person's face or having text attached to the image which names the person.It doesn't differentiate or distinguish cinnamon buns from, well, human buns. So, if your camera roll if filled up with photos you don't want on Apple's servers — or anyone else's servers, you can turn off i Cloud Photo Library.You'll lose you backup, but you might decide the piece of mind is worth it.Experience from the front lines Every day,'s professional staff handle takedown cases for clients who have found their personal and very intimate pictures, or videos, published online on for all to see. Almost always their reputation has been severely impacted by the online publication of these deeply personal photos or videos.Shockingly, in most cases, these very intimate, personal pictures or videos were found online by family, friends or even coworkers.

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