Ifans dating

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Tall, lanky, and snaggletoothed, Ifans can go from raving freak to persuasive romantic interest in less time than it takes to pronounce his name correctly.

Ifans got his start acting in a number of Welsh language dramas and comedies, and he made his feature film debut in Anthony Hopkins' August (1996).

Alfie star Miller parted ways with the Welsh actor last month amid rumours he was becoming too possessive over her.

The song, called "Stonefinger," appears on an upcoming album by Ifans's band, The Peth, which has been touring Wales in the weeks since he and Miller, 26, broke up.

The lyrics are certainly poignant: "Every little thing you said would break me/All of it came true/Every bit of love I give you mock it/Yes you do." And it goes on, "Every little thing I do you hate it/Oh yes you do." Since her split from the 39-year-old Ifans, » - Simon Perry Latest: The married man accused of having an affair with Sienna Miller has denied reports he is romantically involved with the British actress.

Anna Friel is nestled deep inside a voluminous Joseph sweater that prettily swamps her waif-like frame.

Her hair is a chestnut tumble, brow smooth as a milkmaid, yet her wide green eyes are watchful as a startled cat.

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