Direct dating of gold by radiogenic helium

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600 Ma, that is related to the Pan-African–Brasiliano orogenic event.Geologic understanding requires careful attention to time as well as three-dimensional space, so we'd better stop here first. Gorokhovskii, 2014, published in Petrologiya, 2014, Vol. He age of 515 ± 55 Ma for the Diamantina gold is corroborated by a new U/Pb age of 524 ± 16 Ma for rutile recovered from auriferous pockets.

By measuring U, Th, and He, the time when the He trapping process started can be determined.

The first results of the U-Th-He dating of native gold from the Pedrolampi (central Karelia) and Witwatersrand (South Africa) deposits are in adequate agreement with available independent geochronological data.

This allows us to consider native gold as a U-Th-He mineral geochronometer for the direct dating of ore-forming processes.

The planet's had ample time for all of this, even if it's out of our ken.

Under great confining pressures, or at depths where temperatures reach a significant fraction of their melting points (typically 10-15 km), rocks that are quite brittle at the surface become sufficiently plastic to deform without fracture at rates comparable to the rate at which fingernails grow (~10 mm/yr).

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Granted, that makes molasses look downright mercurial, but then relative viscosity is the whole idea here.

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