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Iyanla says it all began with a conversation she had with Oprah, in which they worked to resolve the breakdown that had occurred in their association. Iyanla: Love today means to me authentic self-expression as you allow others the freedom to authentically express who they are.

It really unfolded organically.” In “Iyanla Fix My Life,” Iyanla uses the experience she has gained from her own personal struggles — becoming a mother at 16, surviving her daughter’s death from colon cancer and coming back from the brink of suicide — to help others repair their lives. “It’s bringing people into alignment with the nature of God and the laws of the universe. I think the last time that I experienced or had a deeper level of awareness of it was probably when my daughter passed.

I’ve also heard it said to not say, “They” for who are “they” really? Continue Reading When I was 23, I was dating a man I’d met one day while he was waiting on our table, my friends and I, at an Italian restaurant down the street from my home. The affair your husband had, those lies your supposed friend… I'm Rachel Claire, creator of Miracles Manifest, an 8 week boot camp to help you get out of your soul-sucking job, embrace your spiritual gifts live your purpose!Our reading was spot on– she knew things that there is no way she’d know and she gave me great signs and guidance.I am hopeful for my future and plan to see Rachel more often. Rachel welcomes you with her huge heart and puts you at ease the moment you begin speaking with her.Some people are out of alignment because of one thing, some people are a little to the right, a little to the left, so the same thing is not required for everybody to come back into alignment. When I realized love, I think, you realize the depth of love, the presence of love, and the essence of love at different experiences. I became acutely aware of how deeply it’s possible to love. You know that’s my kid, I’m the mom, but when she took her last breath, I really… I wouldn’t tell everybody the same thing but the principals don’t change.” One of Iyanla’s beliefs that she will share on her show is that relationships — intimate partners, mothers, sisters, friends, etc.

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